How To Clean Carpet Runners

There are many advantages to having a carpet runner in your home. They are the perfect way to add some color and some life into certain areas of your home that are otherwise boring and rather dull. At the same time though they allow you to still show off the beauty of the hardwood floors underneath.

Carpet runners are usually placed in areas that see a lot of traffic. The hallway, the front doorway, the stairs, and etc. In these areas everyone inside of the home is walking all over it and sometimes with their shoes on. All this traffic throughout the week will cause a buildup of dust and dirt that can make your carpet look and feel dingy.


The best way to keep your runner looking new is to vacuum it every other day. Make sure that you have set the vacuum to clean deep into the carpet. This will allow it to get as far down as possible and into the roots of it in order to remove all of the debris that is stick inside. If you have a thick carpet than make sure you don’t go too deep or you will break your vacuum.

Beat It

Sometimes the vacuum is not enough to remove all the dirt that gets stuck inside of it. Have someone help you to move the runner onto the back porch. Use a broom and try to beat all the dirt out of it once a week before vacuuming it. This can only be done on the smaller runners.

Steam Cleaners

Once every month or two rent out a steam cleaner. This will give it the deepest clean possible and remove any stains that might have surfaced over the past few months. Make sure that you use a high quality steamer and that you follow the instructions that it comes with. Also pre-treat any of the stains so that they are better able to be removed.