Advantages Of Carpet Runners

There are many things that we are able to purchase for our home. Some of these items serve a practical use and are quite important. Others are not as practical but they help to bring a certain theme into the home to make it more relaxed and more to where our tastes lie. Carpet runners fall under both of these categories.


There are a few reasons why people will purchase a carpet runner in their home. One of the most popular is the style it brings to it. These runners come available in a variety of styles, designs, colors, and sizes. Some people will spend $20 to $300 or more on carpets that are lush and thick and match the color on the walls.

The hallway is the most popular area where these are used. This is a part of the house that many people do not know what to do with. Other than throwing random pictures up on the wall it is kind of lifeless. With a carpet runner they are able to make it come alive and as people walk through they take more notice as to their surroundings.


There is a more practical purpose for these runners. Hardwood floors are great to have in the home because of how easy they are to keep clean. Unfortunately they can be cold during the winter months and they can hurt our bare feet. Carpet runners around the home give us some much needed cushioning and some added warmth.

When used on the stairs these runners provide a safe way to walk up and down the stairway. They keep us from slipping while we travel on them while at the same time decorating a part of the house in a very unique way.

Skid Pads

When you purchase a carpet runner it is important to purchase a skid pad to place beneath it. These cost as little as $10 and help to keep the runner firmly in place. Just cut out the skid pad to be the length and width of the runner and place it on the floor beneath it.